How to Handle Different Kinds of College Application Prompts?

At selective colleges, essay is the deciding factor of getting admission. The admission committee gets to know applicants personally through application essay. In addition, they even get an idea, if the applicant is talented and fit to be their college student.

There are 3 kinds of college application essay prompts. You can even take help from professional online writing services. Visit and hire an appropriate writer for your assignment.

Some applicants panic because they are not sure about how to handle these unusual admission essay questions. Actually, these crazy questions give applicants an opportunity to display their creativity and warm up their crucial thinking.

  1. ‘About you’

The main aim of the ‘about you’ is to find out ‘who you are’ but the questions may be phrased in different ways. The committee gets to learn more about the applicant besides academics. It also provides you an opportunity to share personal views about why you need an approval to educate from their institute.

Helpful tips

  • Avoid going into detail about your life story. Everything cannot be shared in admission essay but select a couple of topics, which demonstrate your finest qualities.
  • Make sure that the essay you write includes specific details, which makes it different and unique.
  • The essay question is about ‘YOU’, so don’t get de-railed from the main essay point ‘YOU’.
  • Be genuine in writing about yourself and avoid writing for the committee. Being you allows the essay to flow better and sound authentic. Being someone else usually enters the wrong way.
  1. ‘Why us’

‘Why us’ question allows admission committee to assess your firm decision of attending their institution.

Useful tips

  • Recycling application essay is common. It helps to ensure that the applicant is not applying to different institutions. For example, an application essay said how the student was eager to go to a different college.
  • Admission committee is aware that applicants apply to other schools simultaneously, but you must not let them know through ‘Why us’ essay.
  • Never repeat facts listed on the university website. If a fact seems vital then explain why?
  • Reread the essay and if you find nothing specific written about the institute then add something precise related to the college.
  • In ‘Why us’ students get a chance to mention the names of students, professors, academic programs, and other activities, which attract them to the institute. It shows that you have researched and are serious about joining the college.
  1. Wacky questions

Several colleges ask unusual questions. Answers are meant to be fun and not a mode to trick or stump you.


  • These questions have no ‘correct’ answers. They are meant for applicants to start thinking.
  • Be yourself and demonstrate your personality. Write what YOU believe and feel.
  • May students choose safe answers to unusual questions, so their essays sound similar. To stand out of crowd think out of the box.
  • Writing about things you find interesting and are passionate about, usually captivates the reader.

The admission committee has to go through a huge pile of application essays. Make sure not to rush in writing an essay because it can turn out to be a sloppy one. So, brainstorm, research, take time to write, revise and edit.







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