What you Should Know Before Hiring a Global Parcel Forwarding Company

Buying goods that are not available in your home country has continued to gain more popularity in the 21st century with most companies making it possible to receive your products within one week from the date of making an order. Some products are available online for purchase, but the problem comes when the stores do not ship internationally. Global parcel forwarding has made it possible for people to buy different quality brands online and send them to their country of destination even without the help of an online store. The terms of practice and pricing vary from one company to another, although they may have common services such as the cost calculation method or free storage service.

Membership Subscriptions

Most global package forwarding companies in the UK require the person shipping to hold some membership before they continue with the shipping services. The standard membership has a set setup fee for every shipping that the buyer makes and no yearly payment. The premium membership, on the other hand, has a set annual payment and no setup fee. Anyone conducting a one-time or occasional shipment should consider getting a standard membership while the regular shoppers should consider a premium one. Enrollment in a premium package allows one to enjoy more benefits and discounts every time they use the service.

Calculation of the Forwarding Costs

The calculation of the forwarding charges is different from one parcel to another depending on the volumetric or the actual weight. The volumetric weight involves calculation with specific detail to the density of a package. A highly dense item has a larger volume of space compared to a lowly dense one making it to occupy a bigger space on a shipping vessel. Calculating the volumetric weight involves the multiplying length by width and height and then dividing it by 5,000. The shipping cost depends on the greater value between the actual and the volumetric weight. Visit https://www.skypax.com/global-parcel-forwarding/calculator to get an estimate of your shipping costs.

Saving on Costs

The international couriers give you a choice of shipping an individual package or consolidating them into different packages before forwarding them. Single package forwarding is more expensive than delivering more than one package. To accumulate more products, your courier service provider may provide free storage for a set period depending on your type of subscription. The premium subscribers enjoy a longer time compared to the standard ones. It is also important to check which payment method that a company accepts before settling for their services. Some of the popular payment methods include PayPal, BitCoin, and Bank Wire Transfers, Transferwise, or the internationally recognized debit and credit cards.


Plenty of global parcel forwarding service providers are available online, so getting one should not be a problem. Remember to check if the respective country allows international delivery of the items that you want before purchasing them. Most companies do not charge membership fees and the storage fees, so you may need to enquire about their regulations before settling for one company. Therefore, the fact that an online store does not ship to your country should not stop a buyer from purchasing an item and having it delivered to their address.


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